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How often do you run through the entirety of a hip-hop album and come away feeling like you really know the cat who just spit lyrics in your ears for the last half hour or so? Not very, is my answer.

For those seeking some semblance of good old-fashioned honesty in their rap, I present to you Wizdom’s new EP, Unearthed. Along with producer Epidemmik, Wiz crafts down-to-earth anecdotes about his affinity for sneakers; his aversion to weed, alcohol and large crowds; and his unlucky-in-love travails with the fairer sex. Epidemmik’s colorful, soulful boom-bap is fresh and well-executed, and provides nice balance to Wizdom’s amiable flow.

On Unearthed, Wizdom holds a mirror up to himself and recites poetry about what he sees reflected back at him. It’s a brave exercise that offers rewards not only for him but observers of his documentation, as well.

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