206UP.COM YEAR END: The Best Seattle Hip Hop Albums of 2013 – The Top 10


Today concludes 206UP’s Year End feature on the Best Seattle Hip Hop Albums of 2013. Below the jump you’ll find the blog’s Top 10 Albums of the Year (including a master list of all the albums considered at the very bottom of the post). Click on the album artwork or artist-titles for links to download or purchase.

Thanks so much for checking out the site! In 2014 there are some new features and — hopefully — big surprises to come, so keep visiting 206UP.COM throughout the New Year.

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Best of 2013 Best Of Lists

NEW MUSIC: Audio D’oeuvres – Yirim Seck



Yirim Seck finally finished off his Audio D’oeuvres project that was promised a while back. You can grab the eight song EP on iTunes here. Yirim’s is a voice in the Town who I wish we heard more from. He has one of the most effortless yet engaging flows around. When we talk about an MC who “breathes raps” this is what we’re referring to.

“Crescendo” by Yirim Seck


NEW MUSIC: “This Is Hip Hop” – Fleeta Partee (feat. Jarrard Anthony, Yirim Seck & John Crown; prod. by Jake One)

This Is Hip Hop - Fleeta Partee

Blog favorite Fleeta Partee is preparing a remix album follow-up to last year’s Lifemuzik. It is aptly titled Lifemuzik Duex. Big talent can be found on the first release, “This Is Hip Hop”, in the form of Jarrard Anthony, Yirim Seck, John Crown, and Jake One.


DOWNLOAD: Audio D’Oeuvres – Yirim Seck

Click album cover to download.

Man, it’s great to hear Yirim Seck hop on a fresh set of tracks. Audio D’Oeuvres is a three-song preview of the MC’s upcoming Good Eats and Sound Bites. “Crescendo” (produced by Marcus D) is the high point here (stream it below). I’ve written before that rapping comes as naturally as breathing to Yirim, and his everyman, world-weary point-of-view on 2010’s Hear Me Out made for fresh and relatable listening fare. Get Audio D’Oeuvres for free here, and make sure to keep dude on your radar.

“Crescendo” – Yirim Seck (prod. by Marcus D).


DOWNLOAD: “Rainy Days” – Yirim Seck

From his soon-to-drop The Good Eats Mixtape, area MC Yirim Seck goes in for the ladies over a lively beat. It’s been too long since we’ve heard from the rapper who (this blog has always contended) is one of the most naturally gifted MC’s in Seattle. More to come soon re: Good Eats. Keep it tuned to 206UP.COM.

“Rainy Days” – Yirim Seck (Click here to download the track.)

#LatePass. Below is a documentary short by Ijo Arts Media Group profiling the MC. This dropped Fall of 2010 but I just got hip to it recently.

Downloads Video

VIDEO & DOWNLOAD: “What Up Pimpin” – DRAZE feat. Parker, Da Association & Yirim Seck

Shout-out to the homie La for linking me to the best Town posse cut of 2011 (so far). CD —> Capitol Hill —> South End, the MC flows move from ‘hood to ‘hood as smoothly as a Benz changes lanes on the 520. Keep your eye on DRAZE and click here to download the track.

Downloads Video

DOWNLOAD: “Earthlink” – Yirim Seck

Nice to hear Yirim Seck’s voice again. The emcee’s 2010 LP, Hear Me Out, was one of the most under-appreciated releases of the year. Word on the street is Yirim will be dropping a new mixtape next month titled One Hot Seck.

For now check out the track “Earthlink” where dude goes in over Jake One’s “Sho ‘Nuff” about being the “realest extraterrestrial up in this town.” As recent trends would have it, claiming alien status is one way of ensuring superiority over other rappers. Whatever. Being nice on the mic is pre-requisite enough for me.

Click Play to hear “Earthlink” by Yirim Seck (prod. Jake One). Click here to get it.


206UP.COM’s The TrackMeet (1/21/11)

Welcome to this week’s edition of 206UP.COM’s The TrackMeet. If you were paying attention last Friday, then you already know. If you weren’t, click here to see what you missed. (And where the hell were you last week? HUH??)

Anyway, congratulations to last week’s TrackMeet winner, Living Proof with their track, “Full Speed.” The name of the song is apt, as Proof pretty much ran away from the other two competitors, garnering over 50% of the votes. (You must have large families with internet access who love you.)

Now get busy listening and voting for your favorite this week. Here they are…

LANE 1: “Lock It Down, Sew It Up” – A Day and A Wakeup

Click Play to hear “Lock it Down, Sew it Up” by A Day and A Wakeup. Click here to get it.

LANE 2: “We Just Changed The World” – Project Lionheart f/Bronze Nazareth and Yirim Seck

Click Play to hear “We Just Changed The World” by Project Lionheart (f/Bronze Nazareth & Yirim Seck). Click here to get it.

LANE 3: “Searchin” – Superfire f/Camila

Click Play to hear “Searchin” by Superfire f/Camila. Click here to download Superfire’s FREE EP, Off The Clock.

Downloads The TrackMeet