Shout-out to the homie La for linking me to the best Town posse cut of 2011 (so far). CD —> Capitol Hill —> South End, the MC flows move from ‘hood to ‘hood as smoothly as a Benz changes lanes on the 520. Keep your eye on DRAZE and click here to download the track.

One comment

  1. it’s all good except for the sh*t about “swimming in money” in a “sea of pointless pussy.” the beat is bangin, and the lyrics are hot — does he really have to say any of these things to make a point? we think not.

    admittedly, the track is called what up pimpin. we could at least try to overlook this if we weren’t turned off right away by the lines mentioned above. we would respect the track and artists a lot more if they were to take care of this not-so-small detail.

    just for the record, sexism and materialism do not a hip-hop track make.

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