NEW MUSIC: 199YUK – Yukmob

Yukmob - 199YUK

Herein bumps one of the most satisfying listens you’ll come across this calendar year. BeanOne and his Yukmob team (that’s: Fearce Vill, SEV, Romaro Franceswa, Davey Jones, and Cazsh, but who’s counting?) with a new mixtape called 199YUK. Bean reworks a grip of classic beats and samples — from you-know-what decade — into fresh instrumentals for his motheryukkers to recite new raps over. Everything is seamless and each track elicits an iPod search for the original source material. Even better is the communal kinship the “crew tape” format generates (ala classic team-ups like the Wu, Westside Connection, The Firm, and Seattle’s own Massline [RIP], for that matter).

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VIDEO: “All Eye No” – Fearce Vill (prod. by BeanOne)

“All Eye No,” a track from Fearce Vill and BeanOne‘s excellent Let It Be, is a glorious wall of sound. The accompanying video goes for the jugular with a barrage of images exhibiting various forms of social unrest. The rap equivalent of just trying to keep your head above water.


VIDEO: “Loaded Gun” – J. Pinder (dir. by BeanOne; prod. by Vitamin D)

J. Pinder recently let fly the high-def treatment for his track “Loaded Gun” (produced by Vitamin D). BeanOne is involved as well, but this time behind the lens rather than the boards where we usually find him.


NEW MUSIC: Romaro Franceswa – Romaro Franceswa

Romaro FranceswaBeanOne - Romaro Franceswa Prod By BeanOne - RO-BACK2

Romaro Franceswa is the latest member of BeanOne’s Yuk The World team. The worthy Federal Way spitter displays a far-ranging skill set on his self-titled debut album. From a highly acrobatic flow on “Prodigy”, to a club oriented swagger on “Bounce”, to the soul-tinged “Bella URLovd”, Romaro sets himself up to be next in a long line of talented young MCs jostling for position in the Town.

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VIDEO: “Bully” – Fearce & Bean

When I was like ten years old, two kids in the class above mine used to snatch my backpack every day right when school let out. They’d grab it off my shoulder, throw it down on the ground, and take turns kicking it all the way to the parking lot where the buses were waiting to take us all home. I was one of the lucky kids because these bullies never got physical with me. Some of my peers weren’t as fortunate.

Fearce and BeanOne go in for a good cause on “Bully,” a new track from the Yuk The World cohorts. Thanks fellas for making this one.


DOWNLOAD: There Goes The Neighborhood – Fearce & BeanOne

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Fearce Villain and BeanOne form like Scotch and soda for this 12-track freebie, There Goes The Neighborhood. Unsurprisingly great chemistry abounds as the frequent Dyme Def collaborators get it on for the Yuk collective. Download the dope here.


DOWNLOAD & VIDEO: “Honor” – Fearce & BeanOne

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Multinational conglomerate Yuk The World has added skater Joe Andrews to its team. I’m not entirely sure what that means but I’m sure it will add up to something pretty awesome. Speaking of awesome: below is a video clip of Joe doing his thing around Town with the latest track from Fearce Villain and BeanOne, “Honor,” providing the buttery soundtrack in the background. Download the joint above and below.

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