When I was like ten years old, two kids in the class above mine used to snatch my backpack every day right when school let out. They’d grab it off my shoulder, throw it down on the ground, and take turns kicking it all the way to the parking lot where the buses were waiting to take us all home. I was one of the lucky kids because these bullies never got physical with me. Some of my peers weren’t as fortunate.

Fearce and BeanOne go in for a good cause on “Bully,” a new track from the Yuk The World cohorts. Thanks fellas for making this one.

One comment

  1. This has – touched the shadows in my soul-nation where the words stand in congregation, fixated mediation, in the memoried school yards of real and fiction waiting to compel my hand to scribble out something meaningful…. wow. K.A.P.O.W.

    Thank you just seems too shallow – I hope you can feel my appreciation in my words. ::speak peace and fight on::

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