The Roots have become such a corporate entity that sometimes I forget Black Thought is one of the illest emcees around and not just another well-tuned instrument in a mainstream hip-hop band. (Not saying I don’t still love The Roots, just saying it’s not as “cool” to anymore.)


  1. Damn. killin’ it. all of them. This can be downright demoralizing for any aspiring rappers or motivating. Which ever way you look at it. It’s tough to go from listening to this to Thee Satisfaction. not even close. all of them were dope. Love the word play.

  2. Em’s freestyle is just plain stoopid, right? He still raps like he’s hungry. It’s what separates him from most other emcees who’ve “made it”.

  3. Indeed. He also was the only one who wasn’t in to any of the other emcees. He just stands there with his head down waiting his turn. Makes me think of Andrew Birds song “everyones just waiting to talk”

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