New to The TrackMeet? Here’s what it is: every Friday I pull three tracks submitted to 206UP.COM by lesser-known, Town-affiliated artists and let the readers vote for which one they think is the freshest. It’s that easy. Just CLICK, LISTEN and VOTE. The voting runs for one week. If you’re an artist who wants to submit a track, hit me up with the mp3 and a press photo at:

Congratulations to last week’s winner, WUF TIX (who is Type and Pen Pointz) and their track, “I Be Me.” Click here to download the track.

Here are this week’s esteemed combatants:

LANE 1: “Pity Pot” – Soul The Interrogator

Click Play to listen to “Pity Pot” by Soul The Interrogator. Click here to download.

LANE 2: “In My Head” – Drei Ros feat. RobYoung (Note: RobYoung spits first on this track.)

Press Play to listen to “In My Head” by Drei Ros feat. RobYoung. Click here to download.

LANE 3: “Born To Get It” – PROPS (check him online here and here)

Hit Play to listen to “Born To Get It” by PROPS.


  1. Soul is a legit artist, da man gots talent, style and dope lyrics, don’t sleep on this dude he will blow up.

    Check out Love&Happiness plus Prawduct n Game Face and other hits on his albums!


    1. Soul may be cool for Seattle, but we dont get down to that out here…Props! has a universal sound that isnt restricted to friends and family. Sorry guys, but its to obvious Props is the better emcee. Hell Drei Ros was better than Soul. But since this is clearly a popularity contest oh well. I have respect for any emcee. But give Props! when Props! is due…and accept defeat. We know Props out here in MIA, TAMPA, ATL, INDIANAPOLIS, PA, SEATTLE, LOUISVILLE….WHO ARE THESE OTHER PPL…

  2. Owww… Hey Now… No hate on my end.. I respect everones hustle… And just to state, I ain’t just some local artist. My album “Prawdukt” is in 151 countries. I have been to the Czech Rebublic and Haiti. My point to this song is that sitting on a pitty pot only gets you down on your self. Its supposed to be a fun song.

    And Speaking of popularity contests, ppl need to stop clearing cookies and voting over and over again. just to boost the other person! and I am talkin bout on my end as well. I dig everyones song, and I never asked anyone to say anything bad about other folks. Do what it posed ta do… Win lose or draw We gone keep pushin forward. All Three of us

    Shout to “Props” and “Drei Ros” for doin they thing as well. Shout to everyone who voted..

    Soul the Interrogator

  3. Damn Soul’s track is the CUT! I don’t know how props is even in the shit he sounds like a gay Lil Wayne when he raps. true Hip Hop=SOUL some nigga flapping his gums=PROPS

  4. how you gonna say you in 151 countries and then rap about how you aint got money for the bus? we both know you still at that no end in sight lame paying hourly , no whip whipping self.

    broke ass lame fucking singer. your hook is garbage. its funny allright., funny that you would actually have a click that would let you record that shit.

    i get it . …..nickels is your yes man

    good for you for expressing art and making something of yourself but you aint finn ta blow son

    your raps aint enough to get you by. unless CINDERELLA MAN is selling off the shelves in all those countries fyi stores…..gotta let the blogs and fans speak for themselves and center your chi pimp.

    sorry that i had to hurt you with the negativity (im sure you are butt-hurt) but i RESPECT your efforts to be a 36 year old emcee making it big.


  5. he said clear your cookies and vote again.

    rely on NO MAN and NO FAN’s to determine your spot in this game.

    be not afraid of failure, for only your own lack of fearlessness will determine your ability to win more contests without arguing with posters who didnt vote for you.

    here is a tip. make a youtube video for everytrack and label them all tiger woods sextape.

    then you might get some real exposure

  6. Its funny how ppl cant accept defeat, havin their lame ass fans use my name cuz they are scared to express themselves. Why when Props is in the lead, u assume cheating is goin on. Lol wow…watever dude. The person who shoulda won did…plain and simple. Im sure Props appreciates the haterz tho lol all ur doin is showin how much he is tearin up ur ego. Back to the drawing boards…an i feel sorry for Drei Ros, his song was killin Souls to. I give props where its due and in the game of music all that matters is the fans. And they spoke. Shout to Props you had the odds against u and still pulled out on top. Also next time u wanna pop off at the mouth, atleast be ballsy enuff to use ur own name…lol

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