NEW MUSIC: High As The Stars: The Planet of Marz – Props!

Click album cover to download.

Click album cover to download.

Indianapolis native Props! is not a household name in the Seattle rap game. Yet. His new mixtape, High As The Stars: The Planet of Marz, seeks to change that. The well-executed, self-assured collection of tracks is a big step forward for the MC who has chosen to make Seattle — an unlikely but currently booming hotbed of hip-hop — his home base of musical operations.

HATS:TPOM features high-profile guest shots from Stalley and Wale, not to mention a vital Town co-sign from local legend Vitamin D who lends production on five tracks and guest bars on one. Props! himself proves to be a versatile MC with a well-spanned base of subject matter including standard boastful rap fare (“What Up”), the precariousness of liquor-induced feelings of grandeur (“Superstar”), and unpretentious love-talk (don’t miss the rapper’s visually striking music video for “The Taste of Heaven”).

In a time when everyone and their child’s tutor is trying to make a go of it in Seattle rap, there’s rarely a dubious moment when pressing play on something new that filters through the 206UP.COM inbox. Props!, however, finds that rare balance between sounding overtly contemporary and relevant, while staying rooted in strong MC fundamentals. High As The Stars makes for a promising look from a new man on the scene.

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VIDEO: “What Up” – Props (prod. by Sea Notes; dir. by Ryan Kirk)

“What Up” is the first leak off High As The Stars: Planet Of Marz, the upcoming mixtape by Props (due 12/12/12). Shout-out to Berto who came through with the press. Based on everything I’m told, the release sounds very promising especially considering Vitamin D’s heavy involvement in the project. Download the track below.

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VIDEO: “Lookey Lookey” – Props (dir. by Harry Clean of Detooz Films)

Props stays on the hyper-creative tip for his latest visual treatment. “Lookey Lookey” is like an iPhone photo editing app on steroids. The mundane is turned fantastical by Harry Clean of Detooz Films. I ride for this, definitely.

(Click here if you missed Props’ last video, the surreal and oddly beautiful “The Taste of Heaven.”)


VIDEO: “The Taste of Heaven” – PROPS (dir. by Paul Maupoux)

Check out the latest video from area MC PROPS, “The Taste of Heaven.” The most creative, visually stunning music video from any SEA-based artist not named Shabazz Palaces. Give this a look, it’s worth the time, folks.

From the upcoming High As The Stars: The Planet of MARz mixtape, hosted by Vitamin D, coming early summer.


DOWNLOAD: “Grindin’ To Eat” – Props (feat. Wale) (prod. by Vitamin D)

Click image to D/L.

Wale is coming through Neumos this Friday. In advance of that show check out this track he did with area rhymer Props, whose hustle with the Planet of MARz collective is coming along quite well, as he would have you understand it. Bizarro Wale failed to hook me with Ambition and his verse here is meh. The beat knocks, however, but that’s just a daily operation for Vita.


VIDEO: “Catch Me Around” – PROPS (feat. International Mo B.)

Thanks to PROPS’ team for linking me to his new video, “Catch Me Around” (featuring International Mo B.). I’m feelin’ the Impala crawl along Alki and all that other strong Town representation in the clip. Not feeling the rapper’s need to put a different Asian girl in every scene, however. Stop fetishizing our women. How many times do we have to say it?

Deep breath…Anyway, watch for PROPS’ new single with Wale “Grindin’ to Eat” dropping soon (actually, it already did on Street Sounds — catch that, here). With Vitamin D on the beat, it appears PROPS is walking the, uh, proper path to local notoriety. Stay tuned, Seattle.


206UP.COM’s The TrackMeet (2.25.11)


New to The TrackMeet? Here’s what it is: every Friday I pull three tracks submitted to 206UP.COM by lesser-known, Town-affiliated artists and let the readers vote for which one they think is the freshest. It’s that easy. Just CLICK, LISTEN and VOTE. The voting runs for one week. If you’re an artist who wants to submit a track, hit me up with the mp3 and a press photo at:

Congratulations to last week’s winner, WUF TIX (who is Type and Pen Pointz) and their track, “I Be Me.” Click here to download the track.

Here are this week’s esteemed combatants:

LANE 1: “Pity Pot” – Soul The Interrogator

Click Play to listen to “Pity Pot” by Soul The Interrogator. Click here to download.

LANE 2: “In My Head” – Drei Ros feat. RobYoung (Note: RobYoung spits first on this track.)

Press Play to listen to “In My Head” by Drei Ros feat. RobYoung. Click here to download.

LANE 3: “Born To Get It” – PROPS (check him online here and here)

Hit Play to listen to “Born To Get It” by PROPS.

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VIDEO: “So Ghetto” – PROPS

#NewTownShit. Meet the emcee PROPS, an Indianapolis native currently putting in hip-hop work in Seattle with Vitamin D. This clip is an introduction to the rapper’s forthcoming mixtape (which your loyal blogger will try to determine the name of). PROPS’ confident easy rasp flows like concrete gravy over Vitamin D’s beautiful grime on “So Ghetto,” the first single from said ‘tape. Get acquainted before your friends do.

(A couple of other things: the name of this joint immediately reminded me of this; a bold move giving your first major SEA track the same title as a Jay-Z/Premier collabo. Also, what the hell is “concrete gravy?”)