TrackMeet back again. For the uninitiated: this semi-regular feature is a song competition in which three up-and-coming Seattle-area artists are pitted against each for ULTIMATE RAP SUPREMACY! Or something.

Voting is left to you, the readers, to decide who has the freshest track. Polls stay open for exactly one week and each winning song (see past editions here) will be featured on an upcoming mixtape from 206UP.COM. If you’re an artist interested in submitting a song for competition, get at me with the mp3 and a press photo at

Three new artists, three new tracks. You know what it is.

LANE 1: “The Fly” – Don’t Mind The Kid (DTK)

LANE 2: “My Own Shit” – COMN GRND

LANE 3: “Bop It” – The U Crew


  1. jokes vs. hoax vs… comn grnd. nice representation of the ug hip hop scene: one third is dope. ace deuce be eatin worrrlllldddzzzzzzz out there, comn grnd fa daaayyyyyzzzz

  2. Hold up, this is stupid. Message Board beef is nonsense. I wanna thank everyone for voting, and if you like what you hear, check out the bandcamp. The new EP is coming soon. As for opening, its whatever, MIC opened for BIG Sean and Jonell Monet with Celsius Electronics, and Cheeks opened for anyone from Elzhi to Brother Ali with Tree City. That’s not the point. COMN GRND came to Seattle to spread their music and work with more artist. The U Crew is dope, I like what I heard. We need to link up and make this Seattle music scene bigger and better. Ya dig.

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