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Click image to download.

Way back, when I had the red and black lumberjack, 206UP.COM used to run a semi-regular feature called The TrackMeet, a weekly contest whereby three up-and-coming Seattle-area artists were pitted against each other in a sort of battle of the bands showdown. The blog readership got to vote on whose track they thought was the freshest, the prize being nothing more than bragging rights and a spot on a 206UP.COM mixtape. Well here’s hoping your boy gets his mojo up well enough in 2013 to revisit that feature.

All this to say: COMN GRND is a group that participated in, and won, a past edition of The TrackMeet. The MC Cheeks is one-half of that crew and his heartfelt “Windsorknot” is the first single from his upcoming The Divergence. Take a listen below.

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