Ryan Caraveo - Swings

Ryan Caraveo represents a burgeoning youth movement in Seattle hip-hop that nods to a more pop-oriented sound. The rapper’s new album, Swings, doesn’t set our hair on fire, but then 206UP’s sensibly aged staff are probably not the target demographic here.

Still, points for trying as Ryan is definitely a talented songwriter and the production on Swings aims for arena-sized sound and succeeds on that front in many places. Lyrically, however, the LP just skims the surface; there’s an undercurrent of an interesting narrative alluded to on tracks “Forever Be Alive” and “Legend” but otherwise it’s mostly Drake-lite, self-confessionals and color-by-numbers inspiration rap. Ryan Caraveo swings and hits a ground rule double.

Grab the album on iTunes here, and check out videos for “Godmode” and “Betty,” below.


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