The thing about side hustles is that their very existence is a function of how much “side” exists for the hustler to “hustle” on. In recent months, I’ve found that “side” reducing exponentially. October and November of last year found me on a plane nearly every week, shuttling between New York City, Los Angeles and Toronto, making moves that have no relation to this website but with direct effect on the frequency and quality of posts.

The end game to all this moving around was a major lifestyle change: A permanent physical relocation from New York City to Los Angeles. For the first time in over eight years, I’m back living on the Westside (*Ice Cube voice*).

So yeah, come find me chillin’ in Little Tokyo, Koreatown or the Arts District. I’ll be the one squinting quizzically from February sun rays, looking generally out of place in winter boots and wondering why I can’t get a decent slice of pizza at two in the morning within a three block radius of, well, anywhere. I’m looking forward to it.

And start checking the site again beginning this Monday for new content. So many thanks to those of you who reached out via Twitter and email to check in and see what the fuck was up. My move is done and time’s up for slacking on the blog. Sorry I kept you.

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