VIDEO: “Am I Crazy?” – The Physics (feat. Alisha Roney; dir. by Zia Mohajerjasbi)

Heads will turn and nod upon the release of Digital Wildlife, the new album from The Physics — set your calendar reminders for December 13. The group has billed the record’s heavy electronic influences as a deviation from their normal sound, but I respectfully disagree. It’s true that early drops like “Am I Crazy?” and “Fix You” are variations in sonics, but the whole of Digital Wildlife retains that classic Physics composure heads have become accustomed to over the course of four stellar albums now. I think you could make the argument that they’ve been moving in this direction for a while. DW is The Physics trying on a new vibe but finding that it already fits like a perfectly tailored suit. “Deviation” is the wrong word; “evolution” is more accurate.


NEW MUSIC: “The Golden” – Alisha Roney

Ailsha Roney - The Golden

We’re having a decidedly non-hip hop day over here at 206UP.COM. That’s okay, though, what better way to take a respite from rap’s hard knocks than with a crafty new single from singer/songwriter Alisha Roney, she of the numerous outstanding guest shots from The Good Sin’s “Eye 2 Eye” to The Physics’ latest “Am I Crazy”. Alisha goes for dolo on “The Golden”, and fans of R&B/soul are all the better for it.

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NEW MUSIC: “Am I Crazy?” – The Physics (feat. Alisha Roney)

Am I Crazy - The Physics

A couple things:

First, The Physics have an official release date for their new album, Digital Wildlife, which Thig had previously relayed to me was set to be an amalgamation of hip hop, electro, and R&B. It generally sounds like we can expect that same vibe when the record drops this December 13th, but perhaps in more holistic terms: “Digital Wildlife is about the relationship between digital and analog,” goes the official artists’ statement. Can’t wait.

Secondly, “Am I Crazy?”, the new drop from DW, features singer Alisha Roney, a Seattle native turned Brooklyn resident and possessor of that rare vocal quality that can only be described as the perfect confluence of perfection and imperfection. At the risk of flirting with inappropriate hyperbole, I’ve heard critics describe Mary J. Blige as blessed with the same trait. So, you know, keep your eye on Alisha.


SHOW: The Flavr Blue (with Avery Storm, Alisha Roney and DJ Sabzi) @ Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn

Click image for more info.

Click image for more info.

See, there are good reasons to treck to Williamsburg, Brooklyn on a Wednesday night! Music out of the 206 invades New York City for the next two evenings as electro/dance outfit The Flavr Blue (Hollis, Parker and Lace Cadence) play their first show in the Apple tonight at Cameo Gallery in post-hipsterville Williamsburg. Joining them are budding R&B singer Alisha Roney (who you will recognize from her two stellar turns on The Good Sin’s The Story of Love x Hate), singer Avery Storm, and Blue Scholars DJ/producer Sabzi. Sample a few tracks from TFB’s debut album Pisces, below.

Photo by Alex Crick.

Photo by Alex Crick.

And speaking of Blue Scholars…The currently touring duo will rock Bowery Ballroom for the second third year in a row tomorrow tonight with The Physics and Brothers From Another on deck as support. Grab tickets here or meet me outside for a falafel on the Bowery tomorrow before the show!

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