VIDEO & DOWNLOAD: “What Up Pimpin” – DRAZE feat. Parker, Da Association & Yirim Seck

Shout-out to the homie La for linking me to the best Town posse cut of 2011 (so far). CD —> Capitol Hill —> South End, the MC flows move from ‘hood to ‘hood as smoothly as a Benz changes lanes on the 520. Keep your eye on DRAZE and click here to download the track.

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VIDEO: “Sky Music” – Parker

Production collective, Tha Bizness recently unveiled their newest artist: an emcee by the name of Parker. His debut video for the single “Sky Music” is a nice soliloquy on making it in the industry. Born in the East and raised in the West, Parker has deep ties to the SEA but currently makes moves in the ATL — sound familiar, don’t it?

Dude has a nice rugged flow that’s reminiscent of other East Coast hardrocks, but on “Sky Music” he’s on a chilled-out vibe that registers classic West Coast nonchalance. Parker reminds me a bit of Fatal Lucciauno but without the prophetic thug doctrine. Definitely a promising artist to watch.


REVIEW: Seattlecalifragilisticextrahelladopeness (State of the Artist)

Seattle hip-hop still hasn’t found its definitive “sound.” Artists over the last two years have, for the most part, taken a get-in-where-ya-fit-in attitude toward determining their particular place in the 2-0-6 hip-hop sphere. The closest Seattle has come to forming its own unique rap persona was the so-called “conscious boom-bap” stylings of Blue Scholars, Common Market and Abyssinian Creole way back in the mid-aughts. (And yes, I say “way back” with tongue planted firmly in-cheek. The South Bronx, Seattle is not.)

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Should’ve Been on BlakRoc

I like this song right here. It’s Parker (of SOTA) and Sinseer rhyming over The Black Keys’ “Psychotic Girl”. Parker really finds his flow, Sinseer has mad personality, and The Black Keys further show their hip-hop influences. This sh*t belongs on BlakRoc. Somebody run ‘n tell Dame.