Massline Media

How many of you out there used to read the Massline Blog? Back when the Massline fam-damily were presumably much-less busy, they kept us Townfolk informed and entertained by posting the latest on artist news, shows, and album releases. They also kept us in stitches from the hilarious photo diaries and funny-because-it’s-not-funny social commentaries that Sabzi and comedian Hari Kondabolu would post. (Not to say Geo doesn’t also have a sense of humor, but it’s unclear if he’s as funny as Sabzi and Hari because his posts were far fewer in number. And Hari is, after all, a comedian, while Geo is a very serious and political-minded rapper.)

It was good stuff. My Lady even had a brief conversation with Sabzi himself last year at the Mercury Lounge in Manhattan’s East Village, just before Blue Scholars headlined their very first show in NYC, where she told him how funny the Massline Blog was and that we both enjoyed reading it. Sabzi told her, “Thank you for the excellent feedback” (<— actual quote from DJ Sabzi). Alas, it appears the Blog is no more.

Tonight I was mindlessly surfing the internet and somehow ended up on Hari Kondabolu’s Myspace page. Much to my delight, Hari has included one of the funniest of the aforementioned posts. (Click on the photo below to read it.) In this adventure, Hari and Blue Scholars journey into Queens (where Hari grew up) in search of the best Masala Dosa and Burfi, and then to locate a bottle of the (apparently) elusive Mazaa Mango Juice, the magical elixir of Hari’s youth.

Enjoy. And RIP Massline Blog.

A Tour of Queens With Blue Scholars

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